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Barn Door Hardware Diagram

Barn Door Hardware system is made up of several indivial components. The diagram below explains the role of each component.

Barn Door Hardware Diagram
  • A Roller - The roller is the most decorative piece of the system. The roller connects the door to the track and allows the door to role.
  • B Wall Mount - The wall mount connects the track to the wall.
  • C Spacer - Spacers are used between the wall mount and wall to adjust the track for doors of different thicknesses.
  • D Track - The track is responsible for supporting the door.
  • E End Cap - End cap are placed at the each end of the track.
  • F Stop - The stop is responsible for stopping the door and preventing it sliding off the end of the track.
  • G Door Bolt - The door bolt is used to fasten the roller element to the door. Different bolts can be used for wood and glass doors.

The other item not shown in the diagram above is the door glide. The door glide is mounted on the floor and is responsible for keepint the bottom of the door stable. For glass door the glide is typically constructed so the door will sit inside the glide. On wood door the glide is usally hidden from view and runs along a groove routed along the bottom of the door.

For additional information see our Barn Door Hardware page. For more information about our custom door see our glass doors or wood doors pages.

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